WODdoc Episode 131 Project365: OHS Mobility

Here is a question… who out there is growing a beard for “No shave November?”  If your counting it’s day 10 and I’m just at that itchy point. Thats ok though… showed the women their support last month… now it’s the gentlemen’s turn.

Today’s is an expansion on something I do regularly with my athletes. The wall squat is something great to use as a deep squat mobility.  Just so you know, there is a hierarchy of thought here….. Take a look:

Beginner (least flexible)

1. Supine Wall Squat

2. Wall Squat

3. Pole Squat

4. Prayer Squat

5. Goblet Squat

6. Banded OH Wall Squat (shown in today’s video)

Advanced (most mobile)

Some of these you might not know but I will do a series this week to wrap everything together so you can progress yourself and others correctly. It is important to note how far down on the list this banded OH Wall Squat is (of course the list is longer but I stopped there to make the point). Here is my point… IF YOU ARE NOT COMPETENT WITH YOUR ARMS DOWN YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS  RAISING THEM ABOVE YOUR HEAD.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Test OHS (airsquat)

2. 3 Sets of 5 diaphragmatic breaths in squat mobility shown

3. Re-test