WODdoc Episode 151 Project365: Building Hand Strength For Handstands

When we think of L-sits we don’t normally think of better handstands… especially in jersey… we only think about abs and biceps. If it doesn’t make us look better on the beach we don’t care about it.

However, back in the real world hand strength has a direct correlation to handstand ability. We can work on balance and midline stability… sure, all good things. We can work on the 101 different variations and progressions… those are good too! Handstands are no doubt a skill and skill work is  necessary to become proficient but there are some simple things we can do at home improve our handstand performance, like build hand strength.

L-sits work great for this and here is why. By nature of the position your body wants to rock forward. You have to fight this by gripping your fingers into the ground.  This is working your forearm flexors. Forearm flexors power finger flexion. The stronger our finger flexion the better we can counter balance to stop ourselves from toppling over. Seems intuitive right!?!?!


Today’s WODdocket:

Accumulate 3 mins of boxed L-sits (goal is 6×20 secs but any accumulation is great).