WODdoc Episode 85 Project365: Hip Flexor Recovery

I like straight forward days. Today is straight forward. Sometimes we get caught-up trying to put our own twist on everything. Its not needed. Why solve problems that have already been solved. I am not here to reinvent the wheel.

Squatting and running… especially in the same WOD is a quad burner… add in some sled pushes and those thighs are roasting. Today, we started out mashing and quad. Nothing new here. Just prepping the tissue to be mobilized/stretched. A lot of times if you just try to stretch after a workout the tissue is so taught it hard to get maximal benefit. Rolling mechanically softens the tissue, increasing playability so the tissue can except the stretch (additional added benefit: rolling aids waste removal such as lactic acid = reduces muscle soreness). Next we hit the banded hip mobilization. We use the band to really accentuate the mobilization of the hip capsule, improving glide at the acetebalum (hip joint). Last, we hit the best hip flexor stretch I know. Kelly Starrett’s couch stretch.  Little tweak to that is we kept the band there to facilitate extension at the hip. All together this makes a nice littler recovery after a quad scorcher.

Don’t forget recovery governs, training… it’s that important.

Today’s WODdocket:

1. Test hip extension with a lunge (testing back leg)

2. Muscle Mash quad (2mins/leg)

3. Banded hip extension (30 butt squeezes/leg)

4. If able couch stretch (30 butt squeezes/leg)

5. Re-test hip extension with lunge.