WODdoc Episode 173 Project365: Pec Ball Mash

Aww the pecs… I spent 1/2 my young life trying to get these babies larger. Now, I need to spend the next half trying to lengthen them. In today’s culture our anterior chest muscles are chronically shortened? Why?!?!?! …. well…we sit a whole lot. Sitting a lot tends to cause a slouching posture. Slouching allows caving of the shoulders inward which ultimately leads to the pec muscles sitting in a shortened state. Muscles that chronically sit in shorten states adapted to that shortened position and boom!….. we have chronically shortened tissue.

Why does stretching alone not work??!!? Well, because we are only treating the symptom and not the cause. Postural resoration is the cure but in till there lets take some steps in the right direct and loosen up those pecs with the pec ball mash!


Don’t Mash Blind… Know Your Anatomy


Tissue marked above in red is the pectoralis major.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Test overhead position.

2. Perform 20 pec mash abductions (arm raises) / arm.

3. Re-test overhead position.