WODdoc Episode 198 Project365: Playing Operation Helps Your Jerk

I lift at weird times and sometimes people decide to tag along. Tonight my buddy Massimo decided to do just that. He is a beginner which is great because he is like a blank slate… no bad habits to undo and correct. Today we were doing some work from the blocks and he was having trouble keeping his torso upright. I originally had no intention of doing this technique aid tonight but sometimes you just have to run with what comes your way.

I have used this aid several times with a lot of success and here is what I love about it… There is no weight involved.  I used the term motor programming tonight…. just like a computer our body needs to be taught how to perform a particular movement. Once we write the program it just takes practice to replicate it with weight.

The jerk is different then most of our other lifts in crossfit. I am a huge preacher on setting the torso angle when it comes to squatting but in this case we want our torso as vertical as possible and we want to move straight up and straight down ONLY.  Think of sinking straight down and rising straight up.  To do this our knees must translate forward and out.

The setup is simple… hang 2 bands down from the rig as shown in todays video. Make them just wide enough to squeeze your body in between. Now practice your jerk squat with touching either band…. we all remember that old board game operation … right!


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Perform 3 sets of 10 jerk squats… any time you touch a band that set does not count!