WODdoc Episode 222 Project365: Mash Rhomboids For Better Overhead Movement

Not everyone would jump to the rhomboids to improve their overhead position… but maybe they should. Rhomboid muscles have a couple jobs.. one of those jobs is to drag the shoulder blades back toward the spine. Take a look at the anatomy below and you will see how tight/shortened rhomboids can hinder raising your arms overhead.



If we take a look.. all we need to know is that when the rhomboids shorten they pull the shoulder blades closer to the the midline. Looking at the pictures above we can see that the shoulder blades must move out and away to allow full shoulder abduction. Knowing this, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put the two parts together.

Today’s WODdocket:

1. Test OH positon

2. 5 passes on double lacrosse ball  – arms down

3. 5 passes on double lacrosse ball  – left arm across

4. 5 passes on double lacrosse ball  – right arm across

5. 5 passes on double lacrosse ball  – big hug

6. Re-test OH position