WODdoc Episode 226 Project365: Clean Catch Knee Check Drill

Today is a continuation from yesterday.  We are using the same principals and applying them to a more dynamic situation. Reference yesterday’s episode if you’re totally lost but if not follow along.

A lot of us out there suffer from collapsing knees in the bottom of squatting. This is bad for several reasons, two king pins are (1) it places excess strain on the knee… (2) it’s not a mechanically efficient position..

Squatting with caving knees is bad enough…. dynamic moments, like catching cleans is even worse because the abrupt nature of the movement increases the stress on the “links of the chain.”

Today’s episode is a fun but useful fix I call the knee check drill. Try it out!


Today’s WODdocket: 

Work up to a comfortable weight performing “heaving” clean catches. (meaning your feet don’t move). You want to make it to a weight that challenges your knees to cave. Then perform 10 singles.