WODdoc Episode 225 Project365: Three Options For Knee Cavers

Knee caving is an epidemic in the squatting world period… doesn’t matter if you’re a crossfitter, power lifter, or doing conditioning during high school track practice. I see it EVERYWHERE!  So, when someone asks for a couple fixes I am happy to oblige. Here are 3 of my favorites….. super simple + effective = good enough for government work!

So lets mention quick why we use bands in the first place. The idea is to bring an unconscious fault to the forefront of your mind. Here is the thing.  We don’t have to think about letting our knees collapse inward. Thats happens naturally (even more so as we increase the load). We do however need to think about doing the opposite. So we use the band to pull ourselves further into the incorrect position which gives us a physical cue to react against. It’s call reactive neuromuscular training. I love it…. you knee to try it.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Use one of the first two exercises from today’s video.  Complete 3 sets of 10

2. Perform 3 exercise. Complete 3 sets of 10. (restart anytime you know a roller over).