WODdoc Episode 233 Project365: Surviving Disc Injuries: Part 2

Once again, I can’t emphasize this point enough! If you suspect a disc injury (ie. you have sharp electric-like pain down your leg) contact your healthcare professional before doing anything you see in today’s or yesterday’s episodes. ┬áDisc injuries deserve the respect of a healthcare professional.

Let me state something I kind of skimmed over yesterday. The goal of yesterdays and today’s exercises are to centralize pain. What that means is to move pain from the leg toward the lower back. Pain that radiates down the legs is called radicular pain. We want to reduce radicular pain. This is a sign we are taking pressure of the nerve causing the pain.

Here are your instructions:

1. Lie flat on your stomach

2. Using your arms ONLY press your shoulder away from the ground feeling for the pain to centralize.

3. At whatever height symptoms are minimal stop there for 3 seconds.

4. Return slowly, pause, and repeat.


Today’s WODdocket:

Complete a minimum of 30 prone press-ups as instructed in today’s video.