WODdoc Episode 234 Project365: Improving Great Toe Extension

The big toe plays a big part in our entire kinetic chain. Yet today we are going to take a myopic view of things and concentrate only on the foot. When we look at the big toe in the foot we are primarily concerned with great toe extension. Due to many reasons (the greatest probably being hard soled shoes) we tend to loose this quality often. This is bad because we need full extension at the big toe for proper toe-off during gait (walking). Here is what happens… with lack of full toe extension we tend to walk around the foot rather then straight over the toe. The place large amounts of stress on the inside of the foot and eventually irritates the inside of your toe capsule….. chronicly this could even cause the formation of bunions… ouch!

Check out today’s video and increase your great toe extension.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Roll medial arch as shown (1-2 mins)

2. Mobilize great toe flexion as shown in video (30 reps)

3. Test / Re-test by toeing off during gait.