WODdoc Episode 238 Project365: Band Assisted Hamstring Mobilization

Sorry about the late post … youtube has been killing me lately with these horrible upload times. Must be high traffic.

Today is as simple as it gets.  We have all done a sit and reach test at some time in our lives. Funny thing is that last time most of us did one we actually had some flexibility. This is a way to give us that helping hand. Take a band place it past your feet so it pulls you deeper into the stretch.  Resist against the pull 5-8 seconds. Take a deep breath in and on the exhale relax your body allowing the band to draw you further until you hit your next barrier. Draw back just enough to contract against the band to begin a new cycle.

Today’s WODdocket:

Complete 5 cycles (or until you no longer final a new barrier) of contract/relax band assisted hamstring mobilization.