WODdoc Episode 243 Project365: 15.1 Recovery Plan

15.1 is in the books…. and 15.2 will be here before you know it. The next 4 days should be all about recovery. Today we devised a little recovery bundle that should be completed daily based off what got bashed up in 15.1. It won’t take long (about 10 mins) so you should have no problem adding into your warmup.

All the mobs that were shown in today videos have been shown in more detail in previous episodes.


Today’s WODdocket: 

Grip/Forearms: 10 Palm extension mobs (3 directions) / 10 forearm mashes (ant/post) / arm

Anterior Shoulder/Posterior Cuff: 10 Ball Mash Angels / 10 Hair Slick Mashes / arm

Hip Flexors: 10 Couch Stretch Mobs / leg

Low Back: 10 Erector Mashes / side


****Complete Daily *****