WODdoc Episode 244 Project365: 15.1 Active Recovery WOD

Turns out not all crossfit WODs have to end with you praying to the porcelain gods. Did you know that we can actually use a WOD for recovery.

Active recovery is when we perform similar activities (to the ones that made us sore) at low intensity levels to flush the tissues. By just using the tissue we stimulate circulation increasing blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Removing metabolic waste and increasing oxygenation/nutrients to the region rejuvenates the tissue and reduces soreness.

Try it Out!

Today’s WODdocket:

15.1 Recovery WOD Flush

15 minutes

250m row – loose straps, low damper setting.

20 KBS – light wt

15 dragonflys

WOD should be done AMRAP style but at conversational pace and without keeping score.