WODdoc Episode 245 Project365: Mobilizing Fascia

So we spend a lot of time mashing and mobilizing “muscles” .. which is good … I am all for it.. but what about skin and all the connective tissue surrounding our muscles. For the sake of today we will collectively refer to this as fascia. So what about mobilizing fascia? Is it important? Do we do it the same way?

Of course it’s important .. shortening of fascia can constrict muscle movement changing length tension relationships….. Mobilizing fascia is all about winding up the tissue prior to moving through a given range of motion. Watch today’s video and you’ll get the drift.


Today’s WODdocket:

Practice today’s mobility 5mins total…. really work on winding the tissue and don’t apply excessive pressure on the muscles. ┬áIt’s a skin mobilization not a muscle stretch!