WODdoc Episode 248 Project365: 15.2 Recovery feat: Alec Smith & Joe Kearney

Two days ago we wrote out our strategy…. followed that up with how to prep our bodies…. and now we are talking about how to recover from that slaughter of a workout. Btw I had pretty good company today… couple guys you may have heard of Alec Smith and Joe Kearney.  If you haven’t heard of them check our on Mid Atlantic Leader board. You won’t have to look far.

Keep in mind here, there are plenty of mobilizations out there that can be interchanged. The goal of today is simply to attack the areas most commonly effected by 15.2. Use these 5 mobilities as a platform and add any addition ones you need for your specific complaints.

Important Note:

When mobilizing for tissue recovery it is not necessary to use extreme pressure. Light to moderate pressure is plenty to have a positive influence on tissue circulation.

Today’s WODdocket:

1. Bicep Bar Mash and Mob 20reps / arm

2. Lat Muscle Mash 20reps / side

3. 1/2 Kneeling Banding Shoulder Mob 10 circles clockwise / 10 counterclockwise / 10 shoot throughs

4. Quad Muscle Mash 20reps / side

5. LS Errector Muscle Mash 20 reps / side