WODdoc Episode 249 Project365: 15.2 Active Recovery WOD

Ok so we have come completed the circle for this week. We talked strategy, body prep, post WOD recovery, and now an active recovery WOD. This will be the trend for the next several weeks. Not a lot to say … but I hope all of you out there gave it your all. It doesn’t matter what your all is. Just that you didn’t leave any regrets. It’s kind of funny… a good friend of mine told me the other day before attempting 15.2 .. dude calm down, you’re not going to improve your fitness in the next 10 mins., just relax and give a solid effort out there. He probably didn’t realize how much of an impact that made… so I will leave you with the same quote.


Today’s WODdocket:

Complete today’s Active recovery WOD.