WODdoc Episode 270 Project365: 15.5 Active Recovery WOD

Broken record time. If you haven’t been following along….Why is it that we perform active recovery WODs.  I’ll answer for you.  It’s a body flush. The goal is to use similar tissues and similar movements under decreased intensities, stimulating blood flow to the areas that were beaten up. During 15.5 we banged up our quads, glutes, shoulders, and backs.  Today’s active recovery WOD (ARWOD) hits all those regions.

Again… if you’re finished up with 15.5 and are done for this Open season, congratulations. Hopefully you all made it without catastrophe.  Make sure to continue taking care of your body’s. Don’t skip your preps and recoveries just because you’re done with the open.

Good Day Gentlemen and Ladies!


Today’s WODdocket:


Cal Row / Ball Shoulder Overs 40/20lbs:

  • 30
  • 20
  • 10

1 mile flush run

Complete but NOT for time —- just get sweaty, no need to time and record. A good pace is something that makes you breath hard but not to he point you can’t talk.