WODdoc Episode 279 Project365: Front Roll To Support; How To?

With the evolution of CrossFit comes the evolution of movements and thus technique. One movement that we see popping up more often is front-roll to support (backroll to support is another). I  am choosing to progress though front rolls first because (although scary for some) I think they’re are easier to learn.


1) 10 unassisted dips from a solid surface (boxes).

2) 5 unassisted dips from an unstable surface (rings).

It you can’t perform the above do NOT attempt to do these progressions.  You lack the shoulder integrity and strength need and will end up in my office.

Thanks being said here is how I progress my athletes into the front-roll.


1) We need to get comfortable upside-down. Its an awkward position for most people so this our first task.

2)  Once no longer in freakout mode hanging upside down, we want to think about moving our knees to our chest and then extending our legs (upside-down squatting pattern) This groves the pattern for our kip.  Start slow and stay controlled … progress to faster/sharper kicks (you should feel the weight in your hands lighten at the top of the kick)

3) These sharp kicks now turn in the a Jean-Claude Van Damme move. You know the one where he springs from his back to his feet.

4) Finally instead of landing on our feet we catch ourselves in the ring dip position. Concentrate on keeping your elbows and rings against your body. Now is not a good time to try your first iron cross.

Good Luck… Stay Tuned for continued progressions on front-to support!