WODdoc Episode 289 Project365: Pigeon Pose Lat Mob

Take a look at the new little something I am been playing around with. It’s very common when examining athletes I see the following: An air squat with arms at or below level to be normal. Then when the athlete raises their arms to the overhead squat position everything goes to hell. Yes there are many reasons this particular fault can happen but I have noticed that slack is taken up when the hip is flexed. It makes sense when you think about it. The posterior hip complex is connect to the origin points of the lats so if flexing the hips makes the posterior hip complex taught it will tighten the lats as well. We can use this to out advantage. By flexing the hip in a pigeon pose and replicating the deep flexion of the OHS we can gather up the slack and better mobilize our lats. Try it out.


Today’s WODdocket

20 floor taps and 20 wall taps per side of today’s mmobility