WODdoc Episode 298 Project365: Prep Floss For Box Jumps

I have been doing a bunch of flossing stuff over the last week or so but if I keep getting questions about it I will keep answering them. ¬†Got a recent question about prepping for jumping activities after developing an achilles or calve problem. So here it is….

Just remember the purpose of flossing is to cause compression against the target structure, increasing shear within the tissue thus aiding in the tissue mobility.

For jumping prep it is important to actively lengthen the tissue as well as prep the tissue for multiple contractions. If watching the video confused you just follow this format:


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Apply mobility floss around the area where the calve meets the achilles (the bottle neck).

2. Complete 30 negative heel raises (make sure you are only raising on the unflossed leg and only descending on the flossed leg).

3. Complete 3 sets: 30 rapid mini calve pumps + 30sec. calve stretch

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 without the floss applied.