WODdoc Episode 299 Project365: Box Dip Shoulder Mob

Gainzzzzzz…… Gain shoulder mobility in the dip position is a struggle for a lot of athletes I know. It’s common to use either the 2-box dip or the single-box dip to kind of settle in and elongate the tissues that are hampering that bottom position of the dip. The problem is athletes tend to allow their elbows to corkscrew out. When this happens we loose tension in the anterior shoulder, decreasing the effectiveness of the mobility. Even worse this allows the shoulder to dump forward and down placing it into an impinging position.

By adding the band our elbows stay pinched together.  There is no tension loss so the effectiveness of the mobility is increased. The athlete can now focus on drawing their shoulders back and down to intensify the mobility without having to worry about falling into a dangerous shoulder position.


Today’s WODdocket:

4 mins on either 1 or 2 box –  banded box shoulder mob. Either hang out statically in the bottom or oscillate between a relaxed (5 secs)  and elongated (10sec) position.