WODdoc Episode 306 Project365: Another Addition Of Surviving The Office

If you work in today’s world no doubt you spend some time on a computer…. in fact not some time … a LOT of time, and even more sitting at your desk pretending to do work. This is not what I would call a full expression of human potential.  The longer we sit, the further we get drawn into the hunchback of notre dame position or what medical professionals call a “upper-cross presentation.”  We can fight this but performing regular postural re-sets. I have taught a bunch of these and it wasn’t till just recently that I realize I was missing a huge piece of the puzzle. Wrists and forearms….. These guys are working overtime all the while your feet are pulling state-worker duty. Check out today’s reset and see how simple it is to add some TLC to your posture reset.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. 3 reps of today’s (backhand posture) reset.  (1 rep = both hands under butt, create tension by drawing pressure through back and down shoulders, deep breath in, deep breath out).