WODdoc Episode 320 Project365: Balance and Symmetry; Shoulder Pressing

My apologies for the super late post guys … nothing going right tonight but …. none the less the show must go on. Super important topic tonight!!!!!  Talking balance and symmetry of the shoulder. We’ve known the importance of balance and symmetry for quite some time. Most research has been directed toward the lower extremity, attempting to lower the incidences of knee injuries like ACL tears and whatnot. With the emergence of crossfit more people are going overhead and now more than ever we need to take similar approaches when looking at the shoulder.

Today’s episode is about testing the symmetry of pressing strength.  Now, a couple disclaimers. This is a comparison I designed based on what I have been observing in the office over the past several years. It is only part of a series that will be released and is not the compete picture of shoulder integrity.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Compete Max Effort Strict Box Dip

2. Use the never from Max Effort Strict Box Dip as “Set Number” for Strict Press. Find heaviest weight you can press to compete your found “Set Number”

3. Calculate Safety:   Perfect = Body Weight         Safe = 60 – 80    Danger = Below 50%



200 lb athlete      Max Effort Dips = 10        Set Number = 10               Athlete 10 Rep Max Strict Press = 160lbs

160/200= .8×100=80       Athlete is in safe range

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 3.30.53 PM