WODdoc Episode 329 Project365: DOG

Back in the day when I was a wrestler we used to take a deck of cards and splay them all face down on the wrestling mat. A bunch of us would circle around and flip over a random card doing push-ups to the assigned value. The workplace can be tough place to get some fitness in but try this game derived from my past and have some office fitness fun.

Deck of Goats (D.O.G.)

All you need is a deck of cards.

1. Pick 2 Exercises and assign a black and red suit to each each exercise.

2. Place the deck of cards next to an area that is pasted often in the workplace.

3. Draw a card each time you pass the deck of cards (red cards = you do the exercise :: black cards = you pass the exercise to a co-worker)

  • Aces = 21reps
  • Face cards = 10 reps
  • Number card = the corresponding number reps



Today’s WODdocket: 

Play a game of D.O.G.