WODdoc Episode 428 P365: Fix Your Deadlift

In today’s video we are doing a little tweak to the tweak … or a fix to the fix so to speak. I want start out by saying I love the original fix. I have used it for quite some time but I find athletes (especially ones that have trouble holding a neutral spine) have trouble finding that neutral, scapular retracted position while bent over the bar. Then I spend all this time correcting that position, despite the fact that I am using the bands for posterior chain engagement. My simple fix for this conundrum is to remove the bands from the bar and place them around the athlete wrists.  This allows the athlete to establish their neutral retracted position while standing erect and then hold that engaged position while addressing the bar.   I have had a lot me success with this method so try it out….



Today’s WODdocket: 

10 mins of banded deadlift practice