WODdoc Episode 125 Project365: Proper Snatch Setup: Featuring Christian Harris

Move Fast Lift Heavy on the walls…. Where can I be….? Freedom Athletic Academy, Home of Christian Harris. It was an honor to get to work with an athlete of such high caliber today. Christian is a serious games contender, boasts a 315# snatch, and was a intragral part of the DC Brawlers. Who by the way won the inaugural season of the Grid League.

Christian’s 315# snatch ties at the top as far as elite crossfitters go. If, there is others I am just not aware. Either way, I figured who better to get some snatching tips from. (Listen close… he is a big guy but speaks softly)

I asked Christian to give me his number one snatch tip. He does a great job explaining it but, I will just give the take home points.

1. Most athletes setup to close to the bar with their weight on their heels. This leaves no room to draw the bar backwards (essential in olympic lifting). What we want to do is step to the bar and aline the bar with the bottom of our laces as we look directly down at our feet.

2. Next, take a grip with our butt up in the air.

3. Without letting the bar move drag your shins toward the bar as you drop your butt and gain posterior chain tension.

4. Make sure your shoulders are over the bar and WEIGHT IS DISPLACED OVER YOUR MIDFOOT

5. As you initiate the lift every inch the bar moves up it should be moving backwards.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Collect 15 reps (all singles) concentrating on the outlined points. Pull the bar only to the bottom of the knee. Use extremely light weight.