WODdoc Episode 272 Project365: Squat Technique; Torso Collapse

Now that The Open is over, most of us can get back to life status quo. This means returning to our strength cycles that may have been put on hold for the last 5 weeks. Rebuilding that base is essential to improving our overall fitness. Remember my favorite saying “We can’t build stone houses on straw foundations.” During the open where time and rep count is a priority we can form some bad habits so I alway suggest revisiting the basics.

When I am coaching the squat I always look at 3 major pillars. 1) Midline stability 2) Hip Hinge and 3) Knee tracking. Today, we are focusing on midline stability (specifically in the sagittal plane… that would dumping into flexion/extension) and looking for torso collapse. Today’s episode makes it real easy to see if there is a midline fault. You don’t have to use the tape (but it’s fun to rip off) but you must understand the principle that anytime there is a change in the distance between the ribs and belt line IT’S BAD.

So how do we reduce this. Follow these action cues. 1) Squeeze your butt to establish a stable base. 2) Tighten your tummy forming a rigid core. 3) Initial the squat by pressing your buttock back and shifting your weight toward the posterior mid-foot/heel.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Squat… Smile … Squat again…..