WODdoc Epidsode 295 Project365: Flossin Those Elbows

We recently visited the concept of mobility flossing. If you missed the gist here it is again. What are we actually donning with the flossing band? By wrapping the band around the extremity/joint we are compressing the soft tissues against the hard bones (essential just how we do it when we are pin and stretch tissue). By compressing the tissues and then moving the joint/appendage around we can create shear stress on the tissue. This increased shear is what enhance tissue mobility in that immediate area.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. 20 wrist flex/ext

2. 20 elbow flex/ext with flex wrist

3. 20 elbow flex/ext with ext wrist

4. 20 front rack mobs

*** all once mobility floss is applied. ***