WODdoc Episode 359 Project365: 3 Mobs You Should Be Doing Against The Wall

The middle row is the worst…. today I had the middle row. Despite pleasant company to my right and left my back and hips still hated me for a bit stepping off the plane. After getting to my room I needed to loosen things up a bit. When all you have is a wall these are three absolute musts you need to do.

1. Wall Assisted Ham Mob – This one is for the tighter folks like myself. Get your butt as close to the wall as possible. Throw your feet together and get them directly in front of you. You mobilize by contracting your quads and driving the back of your knees toward the wall. (3sec holds)

2. Horzontal wall squat – This one is a page out of Kelly Starrett’s book. Feet come to squat stance… butt is still as close to the wall as you can get it and keeping our back flat against the floor work your heels down the wall as your knee rise up to your chest. (accumulate 2-4 mins)

3. Wall Assisted IR Hip Mob – This is my tweak on the wall series. I use this because I am a person that is always tight into IR. Bring your feet wider then squat stance, trying to get your shins parallel to the floor. Keeping your feet wide use your hand to squeeze your knees together. (3sec holds)


Today’s WODdocket:

1. 20 – Wall Assisted Ham Mobs

2. 20 – Horzontal wall squats

3. 20 – Wall Assisted IR Hip Mobs