Should You Kip???| Ep. 24

My mother once told me, Tim never discuss politics or religion. Nothing good comes of it, only contraversy and hard feelings. In the crossfit/strength & conditioning world, if politics and religion got together and had a baby, it would be the kipping pull-up. So…. mom I’m sorry…!

For those of you that think that we should stop kipping all together… NEWS FLASH!! The kip is not going anywhere. As long as there is competitive fitness your stuck with it. For those of you that think the kip is worthless and has no benefit. My reply is simple… there is benefit in everything (more on this in the future).

If you can’t beat them join them…. Man I’m full of these cliches today…. My view is not to stop the kip but to make it safer.   I proposed two tests today. One to test the passive structures of the shoulder (ligaments, capsules) and one test the active structures (muscles). My guess is most of you kippers out there will fail miserably. Remember I didn’t say “could” you kip, I said “should” you kip?

Today’s Prescription

1. Test Passive Structures using 2x Body Wt. Hang Test (build up this heroes): 10 secs.

2. Test Active Structures using 4 step Pull-up: 10 reps.