WODdoc Episode 58 Project365: Better Thoracic Mobility For a Better Overhead Squat

Yesterday we performed a drill used to help improve thoracic stability. What happens if you don’t have the mobility to get into the correct position in the first place.  Today, most jobs require us to sit at a desk and bash on a computer… when we aren’t doing that we are seeing who liked our last post on instagram.. and when we aren’t doing that we’re tindering because our last girlfriend/boyfriend said we spend too much time on our phones.  All this time in a hunch over crappy position.

This is a way to use your foam roller as a fulcrum to influence thoracic extension.. something we need dearly. We place a weight on our stomach to keep our butts planted to the ground so we can get better extension and really press over that foam roller. If you don’t have a foam roller go buy one… but in the mean time roll up an pillow really tight and use that.

Today’s WODdocket:

1. Test OH position

2. Spend 2-4 mins doing thoracic extension mobility

3. Retest OH position.