WODdoc Episode 134 Project365: SLAP Tear Rehab Part 3

Ok, so if you haven’t been following along since part one go back to
episode 132 and start from the beginning. You will find an explanation of what SLAP tears are and what changes in the shoulder region happen. You will also find images of what SLAP tears look like and of the anatomy we are working on.

The steps we performed are the in the same sequence. Muscle mash — Cuff Activation — Mobilization. If you don’t know why guess what…. refer back!

The thought process behind the progressions goes like this:

The most demanding position for the shoulder is overhead (fully abducted). It requires the most shoulder activation to remain stable. The least invasive position for the shoulder is hanging by your side (fully adducted). We can vary the intensity of the exercise by varying the degree of abduction we place the shoulder in. The goal is to exercise in a pain free range of motion. We start rehabbing  with the arm close to the body and work our way up towards a overhead position (10 degrees at a time), only progressing if the next position is not provocative (does not cause pain).


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Muscle mash (2-4 mins)

2. Post Cuff Activation (2×15 or 2×10)

3. IR mobilization (contract 5secs / relax 8-10ssecs) 10 reps