WODdoc Episode 145 Project365: Surviving The Office

Technology has brought the world to our finger tips literally…

I can look up the capital of Zimbabwe, find out the weather in California, and calculate my mortgage all without wiggle a toe. This is crazy to think about because when I was a kid we still used the dewey decimal system… and I am not that old.

Today’s stagnant style occupations has led to a host of dysfunctions. One of the leaders of the pack is Lower Crossed Syndrome. This is a condition caused by excessive amounts of time in the seated position. Considering that the average human spends 60-70% of their day there now (ok, maybe 50% for crossfittters), I would say we should all be aware of this one.

There are four basic components of lower crossed syndrome. (1) Your hip flexors become shortened. (2) Your low back tightens up. (3) Your core turns off and your diaphragm stops working. (4) Your glutes turn off.

Take a look: lowerCrossSyndrome

So what do we do???

The opposite of course… mobilize the hip flexors and low back…. activate the abdominals/diaphram/core and glutes…

And restore symmetry to the system. Watch today’s video for a quick 3 exercise fix.

Today’s WODdocket:

1. Mobilize hip flexors (chair stretch) 2 mins/leg
2. Mobilize low back with roller 2 mins
3. Perform 10 alternating diaphragmatic breaths/glut bridges

**Ideally if you’re the person spending 10 plus hours in the chair this should be done daily at lunch and at the end of the work day.