Shoulders…. so much to say that if I wrote it all down none of you would read the entire post. So lets keep it simple. There are lots of shoulder injuries in crossfit (all overhead sports smash the shoulder!!) but for the most part they are not traumatic injuries. They are repetitive strains which slowly cause biomechanical changes leading to compression of sensitive structures and finally pain. It is very common that dysfunction of the rotator cuff allows migration of the humeral head (arm bone) superior (up) and anterior (forward). Today’s exercise is really simple… we are using a band to physically reposition the humeral head (giving more room) and activating structures in the back of the shoulder to improve stability.

**Important Point** This is only done with in a PAIN-FREE range of motion.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Play around with this exercise. If you actually have shoulder pain perform 2 sets of 30 rep in a pain-free ROM with EXTREMELY light resistance.

WODdoc Episode 192 Project365: Inferior Glide Shoulder Mob