WODdoc Episode 206 Project365: Prevent Airdyne Injury

Airdynes have become a cornerstone of training and testing metabolic strength/condition in the crossfit community. Anyone that uses them on a regular basis knows they can be a killer.  Like with any machine set is important to prevent injury so today I am going to give you a couple tips to prevent injury and increase efficiency while using this bad boy.

1. Set the set height correctly: Don’t be that lazy person who didn’t chance the seat height.  All the holes going up the seat post are there for a reason. Set the seat height so your hip and knee are in a relaxed extended position while your butt sits comfortably on the seat.

2. Check your posture: By far the largest Airdyne fault I see is when athletes crunch over the handle bars. Good posture not only reduces stress on your upper back but also gives space for your diaphragm to drop down so you can breath better.

3. Use your arms: We often forget they put those handlebars there for a reason. Try not to get lazy with them. Its a big horsepower leak. Getting active with your arms will save your legs and equal out the workload.


Today’s WODdocket: 

1. Get yourself on a Airdyne and accumulate 10mins. Do 5 with lazy arms.. 5 with active arms. Note the difference.