WODdoc Episode 207 Project365: Building Iron Scapulas

I had a great time at ECC (East Coast Championships) this weekend. Saw some great athletes and cheered on some great performances. It’s crazy to me how much this sport has exploded over the last several years. Couple years ago the open regional events weren’t this big. Now, we have 60K prize pools and, vendor villages in venues like Boston’s Seaport World Trade Center.

I was fortunate enough to drop by and see this company that recently popped up.  I am really digging their product… it’s call Crossover Symmetry and they have done a great job at brining awareness to the the crossfit world about scapular (shoulder blade) stability. Over-stress injuries in the shoulder are largely correlated with poor scapular control. Why … its like this… think of your shoulder as an excavator. When its tracks are planted on a stable solid surface it works pretty well…. place it in the mud or unstable soil and you will see immediately it becomes less efficient. I discuss this topic in more detail during Episode 27: Your Shoulder is a digger. Check it out.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA bruder-toys-caterpillar-excavator-yellow_3700


Picture your shoulder blade as the housing and the shovel as your arm.. which would you rather???

Today is all about setting the tracks on a stable surface.


Today’s WODdocket:

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