WODdoc Episode 208 Project365: Grooving Overhead Movements Using Posterior Glide

Shoulders, shoulders, shoulders…. yesterday if you listened closely you should of heard the term anterior tipping when referencing the scapula (shoulder blade). What does that mean… well in the simplest description possible, think of the bottom portion of the shoulder blade being pulled away from your ribs. I describe it as your shoulder blade sliding up and over your ribs (hope that makes sense). The problem with this disfunction is it closes down the space in your shoulder where all these structures (muscles, tendons, blood vessels, neural structures) travel through to get to the rest of your arm. Obviously this isn’t ideal so how do we fix this. Turns out this space is the least congested (becomes the larges) when your shoulders are pulled back and down. A physiotherapist named Brian Mulligan is famous for sort of setting structures into ideal position as they are mobilized or patterned so to speak. ┬áThis is a similar approach with some crossfit flare.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Attempt 5 strict press using a PVC pipe without assist.  Then attempt 5 strict presses with posterior assist. Note any differences.