WODdoc Episode 262 Project365: 15.4 Recovery

I would imagine a bunch of you out there have smoked shoulders and stiff necks. I said it in the video but I am going to say it again now. I know that I sound like a broken record.. shoulders, back, lats blah blah blah… but, if you haven’t noticed there has been a theme this open and Dave Castro has been attacking a lot of the same parts.

As always, mentioned in the video is just the peaks… the main parts of the puzzle. If you have additional areas of concern obviously treat those areas as well.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. 20 – Child’s Pose Mobs

2. Anterior Lat Ball Mob – Fine 2-3 hot spots and hold sustained pressure to tolerance for 20-40/point

3, 20 – Hair Slick Posterior Cuff Mobs

4. 20 – Tricep Muscle Mash & Mobs

5. 20 – Neck Swimmer’s Mobs