WODdoc Episode 261 Project365: 4 Steps To Conquering The New HSPU Standards

After watching a bunch of people make a debacle out of today…. I decided we needed to skip the body prep and concentrate on conquering the new standards set by CrossFit for the HSPUs. This really does change the game. I’m probably in the minority by saying this… But I really like the new standards.. They are .. well … standardized. No need to worry though, follow today’s 4 simple steps and this change will be easy-peasy lemon squeezy!

These new standards have made it all about “total body height vs. in the past is was simply about arm lockout. So, to play by the new rules we need to adapt and take a slightly different approach.  Below are 4 areas to focus on:


The days of snatch grip HSPUs are over. Now we need to take a hand placement that is narrow yet comfortable.


Midline stability is crucial now. You know that “?” mark body position you see happen so often.  Now, athletes are really going to have to focus on keeping their body’s in neutral plank positions, elongating themselves to maximize the distance between their hands and heels.


Some find it more comfortable to be rather far off the wall. We are going to have to get closer now to make the hypotenuse of the triangle taller.


We now have to be cognizant of our foot position. The standards dictate heels as the point of reference so we need to concentrate on pulling our heels toward our shins to maximize height.


Today’s WODdocket:

Spend some time with these new standards. Even do a short AMRAP having someone judge you.  It is important to not only feel them while you’re fresh but also while under fatigue.