WODdoc Episode 395 P365: Sled Pull + Alpine Skier = Free Energy

Anytime sled work is incorporated into a WOD I am excited. No … not because I like them.  They are  horrible. Rather because sled pulls and pushes are such complete exercises. There is this funky thing it seems all athletes tend to do when they get tired pulling sleds. They bend over at the waist and often times round their backs. This is not only an inefficient position… it’s a dangerous.  The goal should be to stand tall through the movement and lean into the straps like an alpine skier. Standing tall gives us the follow benefits:

  • safer position for our back
  • better glute activation through better hip extension
  • free energy by using our body weight to tension straps.



Today’s WODdocket:

Ten minutes of sled practice.  Use today’s concepts of standing tall and leaning entire body into the straps. Avoid bending at the waist and rounding your back.