All I Want For Christmas Is A Muscle-up; Day 3 | Ep. 884

Ok so if you have been following along since day 1 we started with dips and pull-ups, added hollow rocks and nowwwww… we are adding this banded transition piece.

At first glance you’re going to think it is an exercise to strengthen your arms…. its not. Not primarily anyway. After doing these sets you will notice quickly that lower abdominal are stressed the most. This is a sit through drill and it is one of the more difficult parts of the muscle-up.

Reps are paired (same reps) with Hollowed Pull-ups which you will see every training session till christmas.

Todays Prescription:

Hollowed Pull-ups / Band Sit Throughs 6-5-5-4-3

Bench Dips / Hollow Rocks 12-10-10-8-6