WODdoc Episode 230 Project365: Correct Knee Position While Rowing.

Had the pleasure of working with Alex Silver-Fagan this morning on rowing technique. She is a row instructor at City Row and knows her stuff. I asked her what were the most common faults she saw during her rowing classes. Her response:

1. Early and excessive knee bend where athletes end up bringing the handle up and over the their knees.

2. Opposite of that…. ¬†where athletes excessive bend at the waist (normally rounding their backs) and forget to bend their knees at all.

3. The knee cavers: ¬†This is the one we are going to address today because it’s such an easy fix.

Allowing our knees to cave-in is a sign of reduced glut activation. We solve this sucker just like when we’re standing and squatting. Guess why???? Because rowing uses a squatting mechanism. The key is to bring “knees out” from a unconscious to a conscious thought for the athlete without overloading them.

Really simply done by taking a light band as shown. Tie it around the athlete’s knees at a width where they have to hold some tension against the band to stop their knees from caving in. … Then boom … the magic happens.

Try it out!


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Row 200 meters without banded knees

2. Row 200 meters with banded knees

3. Note the differences.