WODdoc Episode 343 Project365: Building A Better Core

Today’s video was pretty complete I think….. well as far as a “making a point standpoint.” I could make individual episodes on each of these movements but that wasn’t the point of tonights episode. So here we are talking about building a better core. Hopefully this is what you should of got from it… Not all of us need to strengthen our front and back (anterior/posterior) torso. Why…? Because we kind of do it automatically with all of the other movements we regularly train. However we need to spend more time on deficient areas of stability AKA lateral bending or more correctly said stability in the frontal plane.

Today’s WODdocket:

1. Accumulate 5 mins of side plank (each side)

2. 3×30 Weighted Lateral Side bends (each side)

3. 100m suitcase carry (each side)