WODdoc Episode 193 Project365: Yoga Twist On Low Back Pain

Everyday is a learning day. On Sunday’s I have been trying to do some yoga. They have lots of great stuff to offer. One of the concepts I learned today and really liked was this idea of grasping a part of your body (say your foot) and using it to pull urself deeper into a stretch. I hate the word stretch. … deeper into the mobility. ¬†As I practiced yoga today I found myself relating some of the positions to some of the mobilities we discussed this past week. Today’s mobility relates nicely to the Lat/T-spine mobility from Episodes 190-191.

Why would you do this over the others I have shown. It’s a great way to keep the upper torso relaxed. The idea is to tension only the hand and relax the other portions of the torso. Try to imagine getting drug into the mobility rather than activity twisting your body.

Today’s WODdocket:

1. Use the Lat/T-spine mobility from Episode 191 to measure your current mobility.

2. Perform 10 Yoga Twists from today’s video.

3. Re-test both rotations.