WODdoc Episode 339 Project365: Testing The Cross-Kenetic Chain

Saying the words cross-kinetic chain tends to jumble a lot of people around so I wanted to give you a visual. ¬†Look below…

cross cross chain


So here you go… basically without getting to technically our body works in a criss-cross fashion. It’s easy to think about it when imagining lifting your leg. If you lift your right leg the structures on the left side of your torso tighten to support the action. Makes sense right. …. Well the same is true in reverse. If we raise our left arm to support a weight overhead the structures of the right hip and leg will tighten to support the action. We can take advantage of this and test theses chains by utilizing a single arm OHS.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Establish a max weight for both left and right OHS kettlebell squats.  (write that number down).

2. Using 80% of the smaller (lighter) of the 2 weights established above find a max rep for both left and right KB OHS. (record that number)

** Make sure to recover completely between attempts